The Sword of Waters~first one hundred pages

Took 1.5 hours. I thought it was fitting (picking pockets and picking locks)

These first one hundred pages of this book was just as fast paced and actiony as the first novel in the trilogy. But more than pure action and reaction, there were more scandals involved in this book more than the first one.

Somethings that surprised me were: 1) The Prince, Prince Edoran  was not as wimpy and helpless as I first took him for. He is very resourceful and handy, just not as witty as Weasel. 2) This book mostly revolves around Arisa. The last one revolved more around Weasel. 3) There is MORE conspiracy involved. I thought we were done with that!

In the palace, Arisa has made herself MORE enemies. There are two girls, rich and spoiled and her maid. In the end of my reading, Arisa just fired her maid. BOy, Arisa has a lot of issues!

The main course of the plot: 1) Arisa is humiliated by these two rich and spoiled girls so she starts a fight. 2) She provokes her made, Katrin by throwing away her corset in the mud. 3) Arisa makes a lot of deals with her mother. 4) She begins her fencing lessons with Weasel and the Prince. 5) She begins to research about the Sword of the Kings with those two boys. 5) Her bodice falls apart (the handiwork of her maid, to be sure!)

Overall, this book is looking good! I hope it will continue with the action and without that cursed romance (I HATE romance! But I read it, all the same.) and I have to agree, this book deserves a gold medal (so far)


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