The Shield of Stars~First 100 pages

According to the first annotation, I have read the first one hundred pages over the course of an hour and a half. Let’s give it up for Eugene and the book.   This is another review. By someone else. About the whole trilogy.

This was one book I could’ve read over and over without getting bored. Few books can get up to this rank. Unlike Percy Jackson or Harry Potter , this book has not that much description unless it’s really needed. It’s just action, action, and more action (maybe a bit of reactions too^^) The main character, Weasel reminds me of another character in a book called The Magic Thief (I also highly recommend this book as well), named Conn. They both are professional thieves (though Weasel is more professional than Conn) and they both are raised from the same environment of the gutter and then apprenticed/hired to very smart people. Some differences about those two were: 1) Weasel is accused of conspiracy with his master, while Conn is accused of being a traitor by his master; 2) Weasel already knows how to write before he met his master, while Conn learns to write after he gets apprenticed to a magician. 

Over the course of one hundred pages, as I said, it was pure action, action, and action. Which made it much more interesting than the more poetic books like The Last of the Mohican (It was a pretty good read, however.) Speaking about the course of action, here is a basic summary of the plot line: 1) Weasel gets thrown in jail with his master, though in a different prison. 2) He meets a strange girl and learns that the tower that they were in was an old watch tower. 3) This info helped the pair of them to escape from the prison. On the way, Weasel finds a dusty shield by a crate of theater props. *makes you wonder, doesn’t it?* 4) They need the Falcon, a notorious bandit and her armed men to help bust Weasel’s master out of prison. 5) They decide to find “The Hidden” to approach the Falcon safely. In the end, they manage to do it.

An interesting thing that was unique in this book were it’s chapters. They are made of Fortune Cards (Arcana Cards, reffering the book), which left me wondering for a few chapters. But when the girl (her name is Arisa) tells Weasel his fortune, it all clicked into place. Each card vaguely and subtly describes the mood of the chapter it represented. Ingenious, if you ask me. As for the clicking part, I really don’t know how it did. It felt more like a moment of  DONG of the temples that you hear in movies when a person gets a moment of ‘EUREKA!”

Overall, at least the first hundred pages left me hooked like a fish, and I would recommend this book to anyone who like fast paced action novels. Which is, most of us.

Cheerio, and may the Mark of Eugene burn through Rome,

Sir Blue Penn, Wordmaster/ Wordsmith


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