The Shield of Stars Next 167 pages (end of book)

Again, overall, this took about the same amount of time plus seventy five minutes.  This trilogy has a pretty high rating. Four for all.

According to the annotations, by now, I was addicted to this fast pacing action novel about conspiracy (Oh, did we mention that Justice Holis, Weasel’s master was accused of conspiracy? And the antagonist was Regent Pettibone (just the name sends shivers up and down your spine. Excellent choice of namechoice ther, Ms. Bell!)) and I was looking quite foward to the next 100 pages.

There was some sudden twists to this novel. If this story plot was a rollercoaster, it would go up very fast, loop around seven times, drop so many times that you wish you were dead, and twist and roll so much that you feel dizzy just remembering it (aka AWESOME!) Some surprises I had are listed (though I had expected something like this, being the pscychic that I am^^) : 1) the legendary bandit Falcon is a woman. 2) The Falcon is Arisa’s mother. 3 )The Hidden is the group of people who still believe in the tradional  Old Gods. 4) The Hidden never associated with the Falcon. 5) Arisa won’t think twice about killing someonw yet she never done it before (makes you wonder…) 6) The Legendary Shield of the Kings is the shield Weasel found in the theater props.

The storyline plot: 1) Weasel talks to the Hidden. 2) Arisa is captured by the guards. 3) Weasel rescues her by a lot of ingenious wit. 4) Arisa reveals that the Falcon was her mother. 5) Weasel meets The Falcon. 6) Weasel, Arisa, and the Falcon plans to break into the palace, Save the Justice Holis, and kill Pettibone. 7) The plan goes well and the Shield is recovered once again. 8) The Falcon became the Lord Commander and Justice Holis is made Regent (AFTER PETTIBONE IS KILLED )

The overall setting of the novel takes place in medieval Europe, most likely England. No, more like the transbridge between Medieval England and Modern England ( there are pistols involved too!) The nation’s land is named Deorthas, and the prince is the only heir to the throne. He is more of an incompetent wimp than a true leader.

My overall conclusion of this novel is that it is very fast paced and beautifully written. None can even compare to it (in the fantasy genre)s originality and wordsmithery. I can’t wait to read the next book of the trilogy. Who knows what’ll happen after this? I really don’t know, but I can try to think that this is just an awesome book.


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